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Need an Education Copywriter Who Cares About The Things You Do? 

I’m Carla Beth Anderson, a Canberra-region education content writer, copywriter and communication strategist for hire. I help businesses and nonprofits who ‘do Good’ – those who believe social responsibility is fundamental to what they do.

As a NESA-accredited teacher I specialise in writing curriculum-based content and education copywriting that understands the needs of educators and learners.

Check out my ‘About’ page for details of other writing skills and how I can help you with a range of B2B and B2C copywriting services and your communication strategy planning needs.  More…

If you need assistance from someone who really knows the educational audience and who is a delight to deal with, you need Carla. Rock Paper Video works with teachers and students, providing them with training to use filmmaking in the classroom. As a former teacher, Carla helped me gain real insight into the K-12 education market. I loved bouncing ideas around with her and this helped me get a much clearer picture of what I could offer and now have even more high-value offerings planned for my business. Carla helped me ensure my copy appealed to teachers and schools, aligned my offerings with the Australian Curriculum and provided me with a wealth of information to help me plan my workshops and resources. If you need an education copywriter who goes that extra mile, contact Carla.

Lottie Kershaw, Chief Filmmaker, Rock Paper Video


Education Content and Copywriting

With a decade of teaching experience, I specialise in education content writing. I’m skilled in creating learning materials that are curriculum-focused, that engage and inspire student learning and that teachers will want to use in their classrooms.

With an innate understanding of the needs of educators and learners, I bring expertise and understanding of audience to any copywriting projects aimed at teachers or students.

Marketing Content + Copywriting

Whatever your marketing content needs, I can help. I create strategic, engaging content that helps you build relationships with your customers and clients.

I help with:

– Website Copywriting

– Blog Posts and Articles

– Case Studies

– Press Releases and Publicity

I can even cast my professional eye over your own copy to ensure last minute proofreading picks up any typos or other errors.

Strategic Communication

Planning a communication strategy that draws on best practices in content marketing and public relations takes time and specific expertise that your small business may not have or have time for.

From bouncing ideas to help with planning a complete communication or content strategy, I can help.


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