About Carla


Hi. I’m Carla Beth Anderson and I’m a communication professional and educator

Specialising in education copywriting, I provide B2B and B2C copywriting and content writing services for:


– Nonprofit organisations


– Social enterprises and


– For-profit brands who ‘do Good’.



I also help small businesses plan an effective communication strategy.

You’re proud that your brand is backed by a strong sense of social responsibility.

And so you should be.

Not only does it make good business sense – your customers value it and there’s other benefits besides; but equally importantly you’re making a difference – and empowering others to make a difference too.

That’s the best kind of leadership. And smart business.

Maybe you focus on education and help teachers help students reach their full potential.

Perhaps you partner with nonprofits and raise awareness and money for cancer, or any number of other health conditions. Or, simply, help people live their healthiest lives possible.

Maybe you direct the power of strategic content to support environmental causes? Social causes? Human rights?

Or, possibly, your brand just simply helps people live better lives, in their homes, their workplace, their community.

Bottom line – your brand does Good and you can feel pretty proud of that.


  •  To raise awareness of your marketing message.
  •  To keep up with the content demands of your target audience.

You need quality written content and copywriting. And, your content marketing strategy needs lots of it, often, and written to reach your audiences across your various communication platforms.

I can help

C Beth Anderson Communication is underpinned by a simple philosophy of ‘Do Good in what we Do’.

I leverage both professional and personal experience to help brands and nonprofits engage their consumers with smart, clear copywriting – written content that encourages both social responsibility as well as increased brand awareness and profits.

I specialise in:

  • Education copywriting
  • Education content writing
  • Consumer health copywriting
  • Cause marketing content
  • Small business communication strategy and copywriting

So, why me?

Professional Experience

I’m a former journalist and university-trained professional communicator who’s been writing since I was six. That means I’ve been working, playing and hanging out with words for a long time.

For you, that means my training in public relations allows me to approach writing projects with a proper understanding of strategy and audience.

And, my background as a journalist means I can spot a story, draw out its most newsworthy and engaging elements, tell it and pitch it to other media in a credible way.

As Seen In

Who I've Written For

Teaching Experience

As a teacher of more than 10 years’ experience – and a lifelong learner –  I care about the value of education. I intimately understand the needs of both educators and learners. It’s an audience I understand and relate to easily.

As a specialist education copywriter and content writer, I can help you do the same.

Personal Experience

I’ve volunteered and worked professionally for various causes and community organisations. I’m passionate about supporting programs that help small-town communities, raising awareness of chronic health conditions, human rights awareness and activism and, as a farmer’s wife and living in a rural community, I see first-hand the importance of caring for the environment. These things shape me, personally and professionally.

I write because I enjoy it. I write for causes I care about. I write to tell stories, share information, educate and persuade.

I can help with a wide range of writing projects. Learn more here.

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