This Wednesday, March 8, is the United Nations’ International Women’s Day.

Using the hashtags #IWD2017 and #BeBoldForChange brands, organisations and individuals online and off are celebrating the role of women in their communities and playing their part in:

  • Encouraging greater female empowerment and gender equality
  •  Promoting access to equitable, quality  education and,
  •  Raising awareness of discrimination against women.

To learn more about the UN’s goals for International Women’s Day 2017, check out the video below.



To mark International Women’s Day here at C Beth Anderson Communication I’m highlighting ‘bold’ brands and individuals who are making a positive impact in the lives of women, in a series of blog posts over the next five weeks.

These posts will feature not only some big brands with marketing budgets and experience to match, but smaller businesses, nonprofits and individuals you may not have heard of but who are empowering and supporting other women in a variety of life-impacting ways.

School programs – tomorrow’s leaders

Like, for example, school-based programs, such as Blacktown’s Nagle College, where students are taking to Twitter to spread the message of women’s rights.  And others, who are collaborating with their community, industry and universities to learn more about the wider opportunities available to them.


Students from Nagle College, Blacktown. #BeBoldForChange. Image: Nagle College


Empowering women to professionally thrive

Then there are the smaller entrepreneurial businesses that are supporting women to re-enter the workforce like Yve Lavine, who’s helping women in need present their best professional self for job interviews. And, Ambitious Mamas, who help other women learn how to take charge of their finances to build sustainable ongoing businesses. And, Femeconomy a for-profit social enterprise that is encouraging a fairer gender balance in business leadership.

 Gender balance in the emergency services

Speaking of gender balance, you’ll learn how female firefighter, Bronnie Mackintosh – and others like her – are working to increase the numbers of women who join the Fire and Rescue Services, along with how the workplace is responding to these changes. Bronnie uses social media to promote equity issues at @GirlsonFireTour – you can follow her there.

 Dignity, empowerment and hope

You’ll also meet the founder of Share the Dignity and 2016 Cosmopolitan Humanitarian of the Year, Rochelle Courtenay. Rochelle started Share the Dignity just two years ago with the simple idea that sanitary items should be a right not a privilege. She encouraged women, via social media, to donate sanitary items and toiletries for women who were homeless or escaping domestic violence, packaged discreetly in donated handbags. Share the Dignity has now grown to be an influential voice for women with coordinated fundraising events nationwide.


Image: Rochelle Courtenay


Rachelle Panitz, from So Brave, has undertaken the bold goal of raising awareness of the needs of younger women who experience breast cancer – a subject personally close to my heart. This week Rachelle will begin the photo shoots for her next ‘So Brave’ calendar, which features women who’ve had breast cancer, ‘clothed’ in vivid, bold, body art.



Funds from last year’s calendar raised much-needed research dollars for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can find your own copy of the 2017 So Brave Calendar HERE.

Like their bigger brand cousins, each of these women use a variety of effective marketing strategies to build personal connections with their audiences and to achieve their goals. Social media, a strong web presence and effective public relations are just some of the tools used to communicate their message.

Check in each Wednesday over the next five weeks at for more on these women and how their projects, businesses and charities are perfect examples of #BeBoldForChange.

Coming Up

Tomorrow, how 9 (bigger) brands are marking International Women’s Day


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